Black Daddies Club is hosting The Importance of Fathers Parenting
(open to the public and free)
at the Onyx Barbershop, 219A Yonge St. (near Shuter), noon to 3:30 p.m.

screening of 2 films: Forgotten and More Than A Haircut

Brandon Hay, Executive Director, Black Daddies Club, notes,
“BDC feels the community needs to start knowing what our constituents stand for and also for these constituents to find out the needs of the community. Ellen has told BDC that the Green Party of Canada has some interesting developments that she would like to share with the community in terms of parenting. BDC does not endorse the Green Party; however, BDC believes in the power of voting. Unfortunately not enough of the black community is exercising their right to vote and BDC wants to change that.”

Ellen says, “I’m looking forward to participating in this meaningful event. Here’s where you can RSVP, and how you can learn more about BDC.”