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On this portion of the website, you can view low resolution copies of artwork I have for sale, or artwork that has already been sold. Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Northern White Faced Scops Owl-Currently Available!

Northern White Faced Scops Owl By Barry Kent MacKay

Owls never cease to fascinate me, and I hope to eventually paint every species in North America, life size, but I also am happy to paint some of the fascinating owls found in other parts of the world.  This painting, approximately life size, shows an African species, the Northern White-faced Scops Owl.  Scops owls are similar to what we call screech-owls in the Americas, and like them, like all owls, can greatly alter their appearance by fluffing their feathers out, or pulling them in tight to their bodies.   This painting consists of gouache watercolour on acrylic on compressed hardboard.

PRICE:   200.00$

Rose Breasted Grosbeak – Sold!

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak is one of our prettiest spring birds in Ontario, and I have painted them several times, and hope to do more.   This study is really an homage to classic bird illustration, with a male and a female nicely posed in neutral sunlight.  I do a lot of paintings like that, and if they are native birds they usually sell.  But the reason I do them is that I glory in the act of showing their wonderful colours and patterns.  But since one often sees spring birds high overhead I chose an angle, or point of view, that shows the bird as birders often see them, from below.   This is approximately life size, and is done in gouache watercolour on acrylic on watercolour paper.


White Fronted Goose

Before I did the oil painting of a pair of Green-winged Teal in the spring sunlight amid melting snow, I visited a somewhat similar theme.  It is a small painting of a much larger bird, a White-fronted Goose, who has, just having returned from southern wintering grounds in the U.S. paused on the melting snow on the ice of a still frozen lake, and, in the warm spring sun, started to preen.  The painting is in oils, on compressed hardboard.


Swallow Tailed Kite- Sold!

This is a life-sized painting of one of the most stunning birds of prey in the world, the Swallow-tailed Kite, native to the southern U.S. through Central America into much of South America.  Previously I have painted this species in flight, as they are usually seen, but I showed this one in a Florida swamp, and as it was the first painting I did following my mother’s death in 2005, I think my sombre mood influenced the painting.

This painting is life size, fully framed, and was done in oils on compressed hardboard.


Spotted Owl

The Spotted Owl is among the most iconic of endangered species of wildlife in North America.  I have shown, in this painting, the northern race, now down to just a few birds in British Columbia.   Seeing this species in the wild, after master birder, Bruce Webb, managed to attract one quite close in a mountain forest in northern California, was one of the biggest birding thrills of my life.   The painting is life size, in oils on compressed hardboard.


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